Hair Transplantation Operation Theater imagesHair transplantation: Hair Loss or Alopecia has always been a concern for men or women. Male pattern hair loss is usually due to the influence of levels of hormones. Women’s patterned hair loss may be caused by menopause as the female hormones decrease. The most important and common reason for getting a hair transplant is that these persons want to feel confident and look younger again as they were prior to hair loss & to regain self-confidence.Hair loss is extremely common nowadays and is emerging as an alarming issue in the society. The various causes for hair loss are heredity, altered and stressful lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, medications, chemotherapy / radiation treatment for cancer patients and prolonged uncontrolled illnesses like thyroid disease, severe infection, etc.Hair loss leads to dramatic change in personality with strong desire to seek treatment.Hair Transplantation Operation Theater images

Hair Transplantation is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness. In this surgery grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding from the back or the sides of the scalp (donor site) are harvested & transplanted to the balding part of the head known as the recipient site. It is also used to restore eyelashes, eyebrows, and beard hair, and to fill in scars caused by accidents and surgery such as face-lifts and cleft lip repairs. It is an outpatient procedure performed under local anaesthesia. This most innovative and effective method of Hair Transplantation is known as Microscopic Follicular Unit Hair Transplant. Nearly 90 to 95% of the follicles are capable of living and grow healthily after being transplanted if the procedure is done correctly.

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Since hair naturally grows in follicles that contain groupings of 1 to 4 hairs, today’s most advanced techniques transplant this naturally occurring 1–4 hair “follicular units” in their natural groupings. Hence modern hair transplantation can achieve a natural appearance. This newer hair transplant procedure is called Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Plastic surgeons can determine who is a good candidate for a Hair Transplant. It all depends on the extent of the hair loss and the amount of hair available in the donor area. Patients will recover within a day or two after the surgery. Mega session and gig session, transplanting highest number of grafts is now routinely done giving dramatic change of self-image & confident look. Donor hair can be harvested in two very different ways;.

2. FUE Harvesting – (Follicular Unit Extraction) : In this technique individual follicles of hair are removed under local anaesthesia, this micro removal uses tiny punches. Each follicle is then reinserted back into the scalp in the bald or thinned area using a needle or micro blade for making slits. If the patient is completely shaved the scars will look like miniature dots spread in the back of the head. Because these are single follicles and no large amount of tissue is removed there are no visible linear scars after surgery. Also there are no stitches to remove.Instruments for hair transplant image Recovery from FUE is within 7 days. Hair growth will take between three to five months after the surgery. The hair will grow thin initially, then, it will continuously grow thicker and fuller. After a year the transplanted hair will continue to grow for a lifetime. Hair restoration of the scalp following burns present a unique problem but can be reconstructed.


The hair transplant cost in our clinic depends upon the grade of baldness and coverage needed.  it ranges from 20000 rs to 120000 rs depending upon the grade and type of baldness area to be covered,type of transplant and other factors as well.

Hair transplant cost can only be estimated after doing a proper hair analysis by software by our expert surgeon and doctors. It’s always advisable to visit our clinic for detailed consultation and get a final assessment by our expert doctors.

Grade of baldness 





30,000 to 56,000

($392 to $687)

40,000 to 70,000

($490 to $859)



56,000 to 72,000

($687 to $883)

70,000 to 90,000

($859 to $1,104)



72,000 to 90,000

($883 to $1,104)

90,000 to 1,20,000

($1,104 to $1,473)



70,000 to 90,000



Eyebrow transplant 

30000 to 40000



What are the deciding factors for calculating hair transplant cost in India?

There are different factors taken into consideration while calculating the hair transplant price in India. At Regrow clinic, our surgeons will take many things into consideration before deciding which method will be the best for you.

Following are the factors that affect the cost of hair transplant:

Total numbers of grafts required for the transplantation.

The area of baldness that requires treatment.

The number of sessions required for complete transplantations.

Patient’s skin-related condition, the texture of hair and the direction of hair loss/growth.

The extent of hair loss and expectations of patients.

Presence of irregularities in the area that is whygoing to be transplanted.

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